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julian Broadhurst


version 4.4 - Nov. 2OO6


In 2 sections.




Section 1 is  an Artists Presentation, comprising a short Biography; the Presentation gallery; a Short Critical CV;; the monograph ‘On Practice and Presentation’; a shorter monograph ‘On Edition and Originality’; the ICV a fuller illustrated and interactive CV; and the two Artist statements ‘Elementalism is…’ and ‘New British ‘Op. - a homage to influence’




Section 2 contains Multiple Scroll down ‘Thematic Galleries’ and Many more exhibition rooms. These display Permanent collections of extended sets of Works, reconstructed exhibitions, projects, installations, photosets and a fully linked Visual index in four parts. Included are extensive photo sets of: The Oxford university Commissions 2OO6; The UoD Multifaith Commission November O4; Liverpool Biennale O4; the UoD Inauguration July 2OO4; The Luke & A Show in Mayfair Dec. 2OO3; The Altarpiece ‘Eight Crucifixions’ in Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral April 2OO3; the Liverpool Biennale 2002; and the Berlin ‘Cloud Circles’ Show Sep. 2OO1. You can view the ‘Aspect’ panels from the magazines ‘Frieze’ and ‘Blueprint’; and complete collections and Picture groups back to 1984.




Transposition Awry - 1991